Funkey Kids and Move your body are two special programs offered at St. Hilary’s Daycare on a bi-weekly basis.

Funkey Kids

 At St. Hilarys Daycare, children enjoy each lesson which consists of a fun Funkey Kids warm up song, followed by stretching positions and locomotion then working with our specialized equipment. At the end of each class children are rewarded with a Funkey Kids sticker. Children leave Funkey Kids lessons feeling happy, confident and energized!

We introduce new curriculum every three months with new lesson plans and equipment making it challenging and interesting for the children.

Children that enroll in the Funkey Kids program will receive:

  • a Funkey Kids handout (t-shirt, workbook, or cap, etc.) upon registration
  • weekly Funkey Kids sticker handout
  • Funkey Kids certificate at end of each session

1 to 2 years: Our 1 to 2 year old members enjoy finding out what happens in their environment with a variety of safe activities and music. Children and parents/teachers participate in 2 to 3 main activities with a new activity added each week

2 to 3 years: Beginning to foster their need for independence, our 2 to 3 year old members participate with limited parent/teacher involvement raising their levels of self confidence.

3 to 5 years: Our 3 to 5 year old members develop remarkable self image and self confidence through the individual success they achieve in our programme with our specialized equipment and more challenging classes.

6 to 8 years: Our 6 to 8 year activities are geared to more specific skill building, challenging the child with adding a new activity each week. Focussing on getting the child “sport ready” we further develop their ball skills.  This is included in your fees.

Move Your Body Program

St. Hilary’s daycare has been offering a 30 minute “Move your Body” program biweekly since August of 2016.
This program incorporates music and movement in a fun and interactive way. The children enjoy
using a variety of props to enhance this creative program.