Hear What Parents Have To say about St. Hilary’s Daycare…

I cannot express how happy I am that Anika spent 2 years at St. Hilary’s Day Care. I believe this daycare centre has a very balanced structure. My daughter has learnt so much. The

Important things for me were: a concept for sharing, being part of a group, independence, doing things in the proper time, in the proper way and in the proper place.

 Their newsletters were great and really informative. It was nice to hear about the different topics they have been covering and the various interesting and innovative activities they have been doing. It was also really nice to see the related pictures posted on facebook. Anika enjoyed trying to spot herself and her friends in the photos. I just wanted

to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care you have shown towards my daughter. One of my biggest concerns while I took

the decision to start working was finding a good daycare which was overcome when I entered the portals of St Hilary’s. I really appreciate the attitude of all the teachers, the fact is they really seem to get to know and work with the individual personalities of the children. I was able to go to work with the confidence that Anika was safe and happy. I highly recommend St. Hilary’s Daycare to all.

Kind Regards


I have had all 3 of my children attend St. Hilary’s Day Care Centre and have had a total of 11 years experience with them. I highly recommend St. Hilary’s to everybody I know, and use it as a benchmark

when people ask about day cares. I have always felt that my children were taken care of in a loving and caring atmosphere. Even when, on occasion, issues and challenges arose, the staff were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that my children were appropriately accommodated. I believe it’s a testimony to the centre that it has had staff that have worked there for long periods of time. My children were able to feel secure knowing that the same people would be there every day. It is the best possible feeling knowing that my children were being well taken care of, so that I would not need to worry about them during my work day. To entrust your children in somebody else’s care is such an important decision, and to feel comfortable with that choice is something I truly appreciate.

Our two children have a happy, warm, and safe sanctuary in St. Hilary’s. I checked out a few day cares and was sorely disappointed; they had a sterile, mass-produced feel, and all the employees were very young and turnover appeared high. In contrast, St. Hilary’s is a nonprofit with employees who have have been there for years, including several employees who’ve been here for 20 years or more!

I like having my son Aaron at St. Hilary’s Day Care.  When I leave him in the mornings in the Preschool Room I know that he is in good hands.  Knowing that makes me concentrate better at my job.

Besides other good qualities in the centre I like the way they split the preschoolers in smaller groups so the teachers have more time to get to know the kids.  They have small group circles and many other activities.