April 2014 Newsletter

Happy Spring everyone!

The Toddler team would like to remind you to please keep both winter and spring outwear at your child’s cubby, so we can dress them accordingly. This includes snow pants and mittens.

Please, also remember to have extra clothes (including socks) at your child’s cubby, whether they are toilet training or not.

We would also like to remind you that the daycare will be closed on Friday, April 18th for Good Friday. We will have our Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday April 17th. Please make sure you child is here by 9:30am, so they can participate.

Happy Birthday to Zoe T who turns 2 on April 17th and Violet who also turns 2 on April 27th!! Their combined birthday party will be held on April 29th. We would also like to wish Carmela a very Happy Birthday, her birthday is on April 30th.

On April 9th the toddlers will be making real fruit smoothies during morning large group. They will have a chance to taste their smoothies in the afternoon with their snack.

Thank you to the parents who sold the raffle tickets for our sports draw. With your help we were able to make $1800.00!! This money will help us provide your children with fun summer programming and activities for them to enjoyJ

Parents, please remember to inform the toddler team if your child is going to be away (on vacation or not). If your child is sick, please call into the daycare. It would also be helpful if you can let us know if you (the parent) will be away. Sometimes the child’s behaviour can be affected and it is hard for us to determine what might be wrong. It would be helpful if you can keep us up to date as your child’s teachers. Thank you!!

Attention Toddler parents: there is a toddler parent who is interested in sharing a spot with another family from our room. This is a current family so it will be easy for the two families to work out a schedule amongst each other. If you are interested please let one of the toddler teachers know so we can help make this possible.

                                                                                 The Toddler Team                                               Carmela RECE, Amna RECE & Suela.

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