Dear parents,

First of all, Happy Canada Day!

The Daycare will be closed on Friday July 1st. We would like to congratulate Caitlin, D’Andre , and Ayla who have graduated to the Toddler Room. Congratulations to Ella as she will be graduating to the Toddler Room on July 11th.

We welcome our 4 new friends Gianluca, Sander, Beckett and Julianna to the Infant Room.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Beckett, Sander, Julianna and Gianluca on July 8th, 11th, 15th and 29th.

Friendly reminder and request:

  • A family photo for our family wall
  • Lighter blankets
  • Please label all of your child’s items such as bottles, pacifies, food container and all clothing

Thank you for the help and co-operation

The Infant Team,

Karen RECE, Sana RECE, Diana, Borjana RECE and Atefa RECE


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