Dear Parents,

Happy Canada Day!! The Daycare will be closed on Tuesday July 1st. We would like to wish all families a very safe and Happy Holiday.

There will be some changes in the Infant Room.

Congratulations to Gabriel, Emilie, and Emily who graduated to the Toddler Room on June 30st.

We are welcoming new friends Maxim, Jack and Melina to the Room.

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Royce who will turn 1 July 23rd. We will be celebrating his special day on that day.

We will be having water play on July 8th and July 29th in the Toddler Playground our three oldest friends will participate, please bring extra clothes, shoes, and towel for your child.

We will also have bubbleologist in our center on July 31st.

Thank you very much for all your support and cooperation.

The Infant Team,

Karen RECE, Davie, Rupam RECE, and Atefa RECE

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