Week 3

St. Hilary’s daycare has a strict policy concerning illness to ensure the health and safety of all children and of the staff.  

(Printable Week 1 – Week 5 Menu Can be downloaded from this link )

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Wheat a Bix & Yogurt Milk

Multigrain Cereal, Milk & Fruit Milk

Hard Boiled Eggs & Toast Milk English Muffins & Apple Butter Milk

Wow Butter & Rice Cakes Milk

Macaroni & Cheesy Legume(V) & Seasonal Vegetables Milk & Water Fresh Fruit

Chicken Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries/Coleslaw Milk & Water Fresh Fruit

Vegetable Beef Barley Soup Milk & Water Fresh Fruit

Italian Pasta & meat sauce (v) W/vegetables Milk & Water Fresh Fruit

Carrot & Legume Soup(V) & Tuna Sandwiches Milk & Water Fresh Fruit

(V) No substitution needed.

(V) Meatless Soy Breaded burger option

(V) Vegetarian sauce made from legumes

(V) Legume, & soy, vegetable option w/potatoes

No substitution

Apple Wedges & Yogurt Water

Bran Muffins Water

Veggies, Cheese & Fruit Water

Egg Salad on Pita Water

Bananas & Cheese Water



* – Indicates Infant Substitution
(V) Vegetarian dish
Water & Milk provided during lunch. Water at pm snack.
All lunches served with fresh seasonal fruits and finger food.

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