Dear Parents,

March is here and in just a few weeks we welcome spring, what a winter we’ve had.

Our weekly French and Monkeynastix programs are once again back for the children. In French the children have been working on their colours and their numbers. During Monkeynastix, they’ve been very excited in participating in the different stations that get set up for them. These stations have helped the children develop their core muscles, balance, and strength. As well as social development, learning to wait their turn, encouraging one another and singing together the Monkeynastix theme song. They really do have a blast.

Tuesday March 17th, will be our St. Patrick’s Day party, please dress your child in green or white.


Birthday wishes this month go out to 4 friends Adelio and Victoria who are turning, and Madina and Xavier who will be turning 4. The party will be on Friday 20th.


Your Preschool Team

Tracy RECE, Sharon RECE, Rita and Diana



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