I cannot express how happy I am that Anika spent 2 years at St. Hilary’s Day Care. I believe this daycare centre has a very balanced structure. My daughter has learnt so much. The


important things for me were: a concept for sharing, being part of a group, independence, doing things in the proper time, in the proper way and in the proper place.

 Their newsletters were great and really informative. It was nice to hear about the different topics they have been covering and the various interesting and innovative activities they have been doing. It was also really nice to see the related pictures posted on facebook. Anika enjoyed trying to spot herself and her friends in the photos. I just wanted

to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care you have shown towards my daughter. One of my biggest concerns while I took

the decision to start working was finding a good daycare which was overcome when I entered the portals of St Hilary’s. I really appreciate the attitude of all the teachers, the fact is they really seem to get to know and work with the individual personalities of the children. I was able to go to work with the confidence that Anika was safe and happy. I highly recommend St. Hilary’s Daycare to all.

Kind Regards


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