June 2014 Newsletter

Our funapalooza is this upcoming Saturday; we hope to see you all here for some great food and lots of fun. We will be having lots of activities for everyone so please let your friends and family know, the more the merrier.

A Sad good bye goes out to Damian who will be leaving us on June 30th. We wish him all the best while he stays home with mom and baby! On a happier note we welcome Mae who will start in the toddler room on June 2nd.  We will also be saying a sad goodbye to Elliott who will be graduating to the preschool room at the end of the month; all the best to Elliott as he becomes a preschooler. On another sad note, Sabrina will be leaving the daycare at the end of June to spend the summer with her brother at home. We will miss you Sabrina but have a fantastic summer!!!

On Wednesday June 11th we will be making a refreshing fruit salad for our monthly cooking activity.



As the warm weather approaches Please, please, please, don`t forget to apply your child`s sunscreen in the mornings. As always we will be applying it before pm outdoor play as the sun and UV rays become stronger. Also please make sure your child has extra clothes at their cubby since we may decide to have water activities out in the playground on days where it is humid.

Carmela will be absent from the toddler room from June 26th– July 1st!!

Birthday wishes go out to Damian who will be turning 2 on June 21st, as well as Eric who also turns 2 on June 25th. Their birthday party will be held on Thursday June 26th.

                On June 30th we will be having our Annual Canada day Parade around the neighbourhood, please ensure your child is wearing red and or white.

                Just a small reminder that morning snack is a small snack served to keep your child full until lunch. We have noticed some of our children being very hungry at this time, so please remember that this is just a snack, and breakfast should still be provided at home. Also, please remember to step into the classroom to check your child’s daily report; this is filled out for you so that you can be informed of your child’s day. On our bulletin board, we have provided you with a chart so that you can become aware when your child needs diapers, wipes and or cream. Please remember to look this over so that your child is always stocked with these essential items. This can be forgotten as warm weather approaches and pickups happen out on the playground!

                We have added a new white board above your child’s cubby. This white board will have important information that we would like to share with parents on a daily basis. This includes upcoming events and reminders. Please read daily to keep yourself up to date during drop offs and pickups.

                Thank you for your co-operation,

Suela, Carmela RECE, and Amna RECE

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