March 2016 Newsletter

Birthday wishes go out to Carter, Ria, Jack and Ryan who turn TWO this month. Their joint birthday party will be held on Tuesday, March 15th.

.        We wish Mia all the best as she has moved and started at a new day care, we will miss her. On a happier note we extend a very warm welcome to Reno, who started in our room mid February.

The toddler teachers have been writing child development observations on a regular basis. These write ups are part of our play based curriculum. They indicate the skills that the children are developing as they play. These write ups are made accessible to parents, so you can be involved in your child’s development and their daily day care experiences.     

St. Patrick’s Day will be on Thursday, March 17th. Please dress your child in green or white. The children will be making green Jello during morning circle.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please ensure that your child has at least one change of clothing (labelled) at their cubby, including socks.
  • Day care will be closed on good Friday, and opened on Easter Monday
  • We have moved the ‘your child needs’ chart, it is located near the daily charts. Please check it weekly.

          Thank you

                 The toddler team,

Lara RECE, Christina, Amna RECE, Diana and Rupam RECE

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